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ISMK Academy

About ISMK Academy

Quality education for MKs is one of the greatest needs of our  missionary families. Some of our families are sent to the most difficult, remote areas of the earth, where an adequate education system does not exist. The only way we can continue to send our families to these places and keep them on the field is to help provide for the academic needs of their children. That is why we created an accredited MK school.*

What Makes This School Unique?

  • FULLY ACCREDITED DISTANCE EDUCATION is available for kids in transition, grades K–12. Accreditation is critical for at least a couple reasons:

    • MKs transition between countries regularly, and many school systems around the world require official documentation of where the kids are academically.
    • Coming back to the States for college is the most difficult transition for MKs, and an accredited high school degree helps prepare MKs for that transition.
  • THE SCHOOL IS LEGALLY REGISTERED as an institution and recognized as a nonprofit.
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS, academic records, and a high school diploma are provided.
  • Currently, every student has a CERTIFIED TEACHER who has a history with MKs or is an MK. They understand the needs and challenges faced by their students.

*Name of school omitted due to possible sensitivity issues in some ministry areas.

What People Are Saying about ISMK Academy

Currently 74 students in 30 countries are enrolled for the 2019-2020 school year.

ISMK Academy & Finances

The cost is $3500 per student. Your donations help us scholarship $1000 per student. This keeps the school affordable and helps our families stay on the field. We want our families to be able to go places God calls them, without having to sacrifice their children’s education. Some families recognize they are not equipped to teach their own kids; our school gives those parents peace of mind knowing their children are educationally equipped for their futures.

Scholarships for ISMK Academy Students

Would you consider giving to underwrite a student, helping keep our missionaries on the field?

 To keep the cost to the families low, we need to raise the funds required to provide a quality education for our MKs.
We believe you stand with us in this, and we need your help.

Give Online

You can also go directly to AG Giving to setup a monthly commitment or give a one-time donation.

Mail-In Giving

If you would prefer to mail your gift, you can send it to:

ISMK Academy
PO Box 9200
Springfield, MO 65801

Contact ISMK Academy

Have questions? Send us a message by filling out the form!