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Hellos and Goodbyes – Cristi

In 2011, I helped plant Capital City Church with missionary colleagues Bryan and Misty Elliott. We started in their living room and God blessed us with dear Welsh friends who came along side us and helped us grow into a thriving church in our community. Today, Cap City is pastored by a young Welsh couple, has an all Welsh staff, and is doing well!  To say I am proud of them is an understatement! In May I will fly back to Wales for a few weeks to pack up my home and say goodbyes. When I left Cardiff a year and a half ago, I planned on returning to Wales for another term of church planting. But the Lord had different plans for me –  plans involving ministering to missionary kids around the globe! I loved serving in Wales and will always cherish the friendships and ministry I was a part of while there. I am thrilled to return for a short time to my Welsh family and worship at Capital City Church!

Enjoying the Journey

2015 has been a busy season as I’ve crossed Kansas visiting churches and pastors. It is always a joy meeting new people, visiting friends, and sharing the vision of missions with others! So many of you have welcomed me into your homes and greeted me warmly along the way. I’m thankful for those who are new supporters, as well as those who’ve supported me through the years. Each one of you makes this an enjoyable journey!

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