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ISMK Academy

In 2015, God laid it on my heart to start a school specifically designed for Missionary Kids (Mks). One of the largest trends we have seen in the 15 years we have served as the MK Program leaders for AGWM, is the major challenges many missionaries have educating their kids. God is calling families to new places, to plant churches among many unreached people groups. This is an awesome calling, and we are excited about what God is doing all over the world! Many of these missionaries being called are young families. They are being called to places where there is not an adequate local education option. Many of them also feel like they are not prepared to be a “homeschool” family. They have no idea what curriculum(s) to use or how to make sure their MKs are staying current with their schooling. For many, the idea of tracking, developing, and leading their kids educationally is overwhelming. But, they know that God has called them!

So, in the summer of 2017, we launched our own school. For the first academic year, we had 44 MKs enrolled, living in 17 countries around the world. Those 44 MKs represented every region of AGWM. We had 2 graduating seniors, our first year. In 2018, we had 55 MKs enrolled, in 22 countries, with 1 graduating senior. This year, we have 75 enrolled, in over 30 countries, with 6 seniors. Obviously, the school is meeting a need! 

For some of our families, this school means that their kids will not have to be sent to a boarding school. For others, it means that both parents can focus on planting the Church, while we focus on educating their kids. But ultimately, having this educational option is empowering missionaries to continue the mission they were sent to do, while their kids receive the highest level of educational support.

Here are some basics about the school:

  • Every student has a personal teacher overseeing every lesson & assignment
  • Every teacher is certified to teach at that grade level, in the United States
  • The school is a licensed, registered school in the United States
  • The school is already accredited, and on path to more accreditations
  • The school already has dual-enrollment options for juniors and seniors

We need your help to keep the school an option for our families. As it is, each family pays into the school. But, to keep the school functioning at this level, with the needed structure, teachers, and accreditation, we need to raise an additional $1,000/student. That seems like a huge task, but I know that God has opened up every door. I also see the missionaries, and hear their stories. I know that because of this school, we have families serving where we otherwise would not be able to send them. I believe God will raise up regular supporters of this school!Would you consider partnering with ISMK to support the school? More details, and options for giving can be found at Thanks for praying with us and for standing behind your missionaries that you already support. We are praying for those that could provide a one-time gift, as well as those who would be able to commit to monthly contributions. 

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