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January 2019 Update – Cristi

10 Years

KS Network Superintendents Terry and Karen Yancey at my AGWM Commissioning Service in 2008
My ISMK ministry team in 2018

The end of 2018 concluded my first three years with ISMK (ministry to MKs) and my 10th year in missions. As I reflect back over the past decade, I’m amazed at all the ways God has provided, His grace in the ups and downs, and His kindness in allowing me to spend my life doing what I love. It’s been a journey that has stretched me and taught me so much more about who He is than I ever could have imagined. Thank you to all of you who have made these 10 years of ministry possible through your prayers and financial support. I’m humbled by your outpouring of love and kindness. As I look to the future, I’m anticipating the great things God has in store for the next 10 years in missions!

2019 Itineration

Now that I’ve complete my first term with ISMK, it’s time to itinerate. I will be setting aside the year of 2019 to fundraise, reconnect with supporters and churches, and gear up for my next term with MKs.

I couldn’t do what I’m doing without my prayer and financial support team and I’d love to say thank you in person. Would you be willing to have me come to your church to talk about missions? I’m happy to come for all types of events, whether it be a Sunday morning or evening, Wednesday night, small groups, youth groups, kids services, or anything else you would have in mind.

I’m also needing new financial partners this year and would love to connect with you about this. Would you prayerfully consider joining me with your financial support? If you have questions about this or want to talk, please ask!

My Need:

$1,670 in new monthly pledges. This covers continued and additional ministry responsibilities and expenses.

My Timeline:

I need to have this amount raised by December 31, 2019.

My Details:

If you’d like to support me financially, please don’t wait!

Click HERE for Online Giving

Click HERE for Online Pledge Form (missionary account #294597)

Click HERE to contact me for a missions service or for more information. 

My Ministry:

ISMK is a unique ministry that serves every AGWM missionary family from every state, in every region of the world. To learn more about my ministry with ISMK click HERE. 

MK Retreats and Conferences

The end of 2018 was a busy season. I spent time in Cologne, Germany working at the Central Europe Area Retreat with our missionaries and MKs who live and serve in that part of Europe. I love being with MKs in their countries and seeing how they navigate their cultures. They each have unique stories, perspectives, joys, and challenges and being able to step into their world is always an honor. These German-speaking MKs were excellent tour guides for a day!

A highlight was seeing fellow Kansas missionary friends, Tyler and Elina Charvat and Austin and Shanda Brown (pictured below).



After Germany I flew to Fraser, CO for our annual MK Thanksgiving Retreat. 100 college-age MKs worshiping Jesus and making memories in the Rocky Mountains made for an incredible week!

Over Christmas I led a team to Malaga, Spain where we ministered to 100 MKs whose families work with Live Dead Arab World. These resilient kiddos are growing up in the Middle East and constantly amaze me with their passion and zeal for their Arab cultures. I get to see them at least once a year and the relationships that have been formed are priceless. It was a personal joy for me to have friends Darin and Marleen Stroud, Kansas DYDs, join our team and lead the youth program!

Prayer Request

Would you pray for travel safety and favor in fundraising as I begin the itineration process?
How can I pray for you? If you have prayer requests that I can lift up, please email me! As always, I thank you and cherish your prayers!

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