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March 2017 Update – Cristi

In January I flew to Kenya to lead the MK program for an East Africa missionary retreat. I was so encouraged spending time with missionaries and MKs who live and work in some difficult countries without many comforts, but love to call those places home. I was reminded again of the goodness of God’s call and the joy it is to serve these families..

I just returned from a week in the Seattle area, where I attended a pastoral care training for missionary member care providers. Next week I’m heading to Europe for more global training and to connect with MKs in the Netherlands,. In April I fly back to South Africa where I grew up to lead the MK youth program for a missionary retreat. When I’m not traveling I spend much of my time with college-age MKs, many of whom have become like family to me. I love seeing how their upbringing in missions is shaping who they are today. I get to work with some incredible MKs and missionaries on a regular basis and am so thankful for sweet relationships that are being built. Thank you for helping me serve these MKs through your prayers and support!

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