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Finances & Trips

Thanksgiving Retreat

If this is your MK’s first year to attend Thanksgiving Retreat and you are active foreign missionaries, there will be no cost to you.

If your MK has attended in previous years, your family will be responsible only for airfare. Airfare is a (00) expense as funds are available. Funding should never prevent your MK from attending. If finances are an issue, please contact the MK office directly [, or (417) 861-2781 x 2040] to see how we can help you.

If you are no longer active missionaries, your MK is still invited to attend. The only cost to you will be airfare to Denver.

All lodging, meals and activities* are included in the retreat. Your MK will need to bring their own spending money for snacks, shopping, etc.

*Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling are considered major activities. The MK program will cover the cost of these activities for two of the three days of retreat. If your MK chooses to participate in one of the major activities for a third day, an $20 additional fee is required in cash.

Return Trip to the Field

MKs who were raised on the field may return to visit their parents overseas one time paid for out of the MK Travel Fund.  The intent of this trip is to allow MKs closure and a chance to say goodbye to that chapter in their life.  The criteria for this trip are:

  1. The MK must have graduated from high school and be under the age of 23.
  2. The MK must be returning to the field where they spent at least part of their growing-up years.
  3. The MK parent must still be active, appointed A/G missionaries currently working in that field.

Approved trips are covered by the MK Travel Fund, which is supported through a standard monthly deduction of $10 from every missionary’s account. Expenses for non-MK spouses are not covered.

To begin processing an MK Return Trip, Missionary parents  should contact their Area Director for approval.
Once the official approvals have been completed, the missionary has two options for purchasing airline tickets for their MK.

  1. You may purchase the airline ticket for your MK’s return trip.  Claim the expense on your next quarterly report and the funds will be transferred back to your account from the MK travel account.
  2. Contact your Missionary Services representative.  He/she can work directly with your needs and with Adelman Travel to purchase a ticket in your MKs name and bill the MK travel account directly.*

Task Forces

MKs are expected to raise their own support to attend a Task Force. The average cost is $500 above airfare. We provide sample support letters for your MK to mail out.

Financial aid is available through your (00) with your Regional Director’s approval. If you would like more information, please contact the MK office.