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MT/MR Parent info

Please take a look at the tabs below for valuable information that will help us run the best program we can for your MKs. If you have any questions, please reach out to the MK Office. 

The MK Program requires a large staff to operate. Positions include Staff, Program Coordinators, Logistics
staff, Logistics coordinators and permanent MK Office staff.

All our staff have come to work this program because they love MKs. Many are graduates of the MK program
themselves. Among our staff are also AG missionaries, youth pastors, children’s pastors, senior pastors, teachers,
social workers, Bible-school students, nursing students, and more.

Every single one of our employees have undergone an application process through the General Council of the
Assemblies of God, provided at least two professional and spiritual references, and have undergone an official
background check. Any staff that drives a vehicle for the program has also undergone a driver’s license background
check and insurance approval. All the Program Coordinators and many of the staff are first-aid and CPR certified.

We have done everything in our power to protect the safety of your children and to provide the best possible
program to prepare your MKs for the mission field. If you have any questions or concerns about our staff, please do
not hesitate to address them with the Program Coordinator, the MK Office Coordinator or with Director Wendy Wright

The MK Program is available to accept MKs no sooner than 30 minutes prior to the start of program. Parents are
expected to pick up their MKs immediately after their sessions have ended.

Please help make the drop-off time as smooth as possible for all MKs by saying goodbye, dropping off your child,
communicating with the chief as needed and departing. A lingering goodbye makes it more difficult for other MKs, for
other parents, and for the staff. In the younger programs, a tearful drop-off is not unusual. We will contact you if there
is an issue with your MK. Thank you for helping our staff make the program the best it can be for everyone.

Parents are expected to pick up their MKs immediately after their sessions have ended either in program. Parents
who do not pick up their MKs within a reasonable time will be charged a $5 surcharge for every additional 15
minutes they are late. The grace period will begin after the session officially ends and the first parent arrives to pick
up a child. Late charges are considered a personal expense.

During MT-PFO and MR, Evangel University campus hosts Assemblies of God World Missions as well as other school
activities. The MK Program wants to do everything we can to respect not only the campus, but also those who are
working in offices. Please be aware of your MK’s whereabouts and encourage them to be respectful of others.
• No running in any buildings
• No shouting or loud noises inside
• Please do not play in elevators
• Pick up all trash and personal items
• Do not damage or destroy Evangel’s property
• Do not play games inside buildings (i.e. no hide and seek or tag)

Extra childcare is not provided by the ISMK program. Childcare must be personally arranged between you as
parents and a sitter. The MK Office will provide a list of names and contact information for staff that are willing to
watch MKs during their time off-the-clock. In these instances, arrangements for sitting and payment should be
made directly to the staff. MKs will not be permitted to eat with the MK staff during meals unless you have a meal
plan set up with Evangel.

In order to minimize the spread of illnesses to other MKs in the program, we ask that you keep your child out of
program if one or more of the following conditions exist:
1. Fever
2. A green or yellow nasal discharge
3. Vomiting more than two times in a 24-hour period
4. Diarrhea that has blood or mucus in it
5. Mouth sores in younger children who are still drooling a lot
6. Eye infection symptoms such as eye discharge, severe redness, or burning and itching
7. Head lice
8. Chicken Pox

If your child is sick, please contact or come by the MK Office. Please be prepared to stay with your child if they are
unable to attend the MK program. Children in the PreTeen & Youth programs can usually stay in their rooms on their
own if parents periodically check on them.

If you are unsure whether or not you should put your child in the program, contact the MK Office and explain your
child’s condition. At that point, we can make plans regarding the best course to take. If your child needs to see a
doctor, contact the PMC department for a list of doctors in the area. Please also contact the MK Office to let us
know of your MK’s illness.

Program Coordinators and MK Office staff are CPR and first aid trained. Program Coordinators will provide basic first aid to MKs as needed. An Accident/Medication report form will be given to parents for any first aid administered while in our care.

In the event your MK has a medical emergency, emergency services will be called and all efforts will be made to
locate you immediately. Please keep your cell phones on silent but turned on while your MKs are in our care.

The MK Program will not dispense either over-the-counter or prescription medication to your child unless you have
authorized us to do so. If your child becomes ill or needs medication during program hours, Coordinators will try to
reach you by phone to get permission to give medication to your child. You will be asked to sign a form when you
pick up your child from program acknowledging the medication, dosage, and time given.

If your child is on prescription medication that will unavoidably need to be dispensed during program hours, please connect with your child’s Coordinator and give them detailed information about how to store the medication and
time/amount for dosage. Program Coordinators will store and dispense prescription medication only at your request.
All medication dispensed will be documented on an accident/illness report form which you will receive when you pick up your child.

If your child will be attending the MuKappa camping trip and uses a prescription medication, please communicate
clearly with the camp nurse BEFORE they leave for their trip about any medication your child takes. Over-the-counter medications will be dispensed as needed by the nurse during Bootcamp MuKappa week and will be
documented on an accident/illness report form.

The ISMK MT/PFO and MR programs provide a safe and loving environment where MKs are welcomed into their
ISMK family. Occasionally the need to address behavioral issues during program hours arises in order to protect
the health and safety of all of our MKs.

Discipline policies in the ISMK program focus on the process of discipleship—learning to live like Christ. Our staff are trained to use two forms of discipline: preventative discipline and responsive discipline. Preventative discipline
helps avoid most issues that arise during MT/PFO and MR. Any kind of responsive discipline required beyond the
most basic correction is handled by the Program Coordinator or the MK Office.

The MK Office does not allow any form of physical punishment in any program. This policy protects both the MKs and all of our staff. If your child is involved in a significant discipline issue within the program, the Program
Coordinator or the MK Office will notify you. It is our intention to resolve whatever situations may arise together with you as a parent and on behalf of the MKs. If you have questions about the discipline policy, please do not hesitate to visit the MK Office to discuss the issue.

Cell phones, tablets, MP3, hand-held video games, and other forms of electronic media are not permitted
during program hours at any time. Everyone respects this rule, including our staff. If your child chooses to use one of
these devices during program hours, the chief or coordinator may confiscate it and return it directly to you as the parent.

We understand that cell phones are used regularly for parent-child communication. However, we ask that MKs
completely shut off their phones while program is in session. As soon as program has dismissed, they may turn them back on again.

No forms of electronic media, including cell phones, will be allowed at Bootcamp. They are considered “contraband”
and will be confiscated by the border patrol.

If you have an emergency at any time and need to reach your child during program hours, please come to the MK
Office and we will contact Program Coordinators to bring your child to you or communicate a message.

ISMK staff and MKs are asked to dress appropriately for all activities. Please review the following dress code with
your children.

MKs may wear:
• Shorts
• T-shirts
• Sleeveless shirts (sleeves must meet the
• Jeans

MKs may not wear:
• Tank-style or spaghetti strap tops
• Shorts or skirts that do not reach the end of
fingertips that are fully extended
• Tops that expose the midriff in any way
• Pants that sag, expose undergarments, or
have holes

For water based activities MKs should wear:
• Females—conservative bathing suits.
• Males—swimming trunks (no Speedo-style bathing suits)

The MK Program offers a variety of snacks during program hours. Snacks vary and include everything from candy and chips to fruit and cheese. If you have a specific request related to your child and snacks, please communicate it clearly to the child’s Coordinator or

If your child has any dietary issues or allergies, please make us aware of these needs. Communicate with the MK Office if it is severe, as well as communicating your child’s dietary needs to his or her Program Coordinator. We will be very careful to protect MKs with allergies and specific food needs.

Please help us minister to your MKs in the best way we possibly can by communicating any special needs to your child’s Coordinator or Chief. We are counting on you to tell us when your child needs something special from the MK Program.

The MK Program complies with all Missouri State and Federal laws regarding the use of child safety seats. Our programs use both passenger vans and school buses to transport children. It is important to note that the law regarding child safety seats varies according to which vehicle the child is riding in.

Passenger vans: In the passenger vans, children under 40 pounds will be placed in a car seat and children between 40 and 80 pounds will be placed in a booster seat at all times while riding in a program vehicle.

School buses: Children under 4 years old, regardless of weight, will be placed in a car seat at all times while riding on the MK Program school bus. Children older than four years old will ride on a regular school bus seat without a seat belt. This is in compliance with Missouri law regarding the transportation of children on a school bus. School buses are equipped with a passive restraint system called compartmentalization that means that the seating area of a school bus is built with specially padded highback, wider, thicker seats that protect people in school buses during accidents. The MK Program is equipped with enough seats for children in the Beginner, Preschool and Early Elementary (as needed) programs.

All MK Program drivers undergo a background check, check of their driver’s license, and are approved and insured through General Council of the Assemblies of God. Additionally, school bus drivers are also required to hold a current Commercial Driver’s license with the state of Missouri.