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LATE Registration for Thanksgiving Retreat

Hey, you! Read this first.

You must be a high school graduate, living stateside, AND between the ages of 18 and 22 on November 23 to register for Thanksgiving Retreat 2022.

For airfare and logistical reasons, we are unable to accept any registrations after October 26th. 

We will be unable to accept applications for those under 18 years old after October 1st.

Please be aware that it is now after October 7. Registrations received at this point will incur a late charge of $25 per week based on the date the registration is received.  The late fee will be payable in cash at check-in and will be a personal expense.

October 7-14 = $25 late fee   

October 15-21 = $50 late fee   

October 22-26 = $75 late fee   

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