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Together 2019 Update

Four days of incredible MK ministry! A couple weeks ago, AGWM held its largest missionary event in the history of our fellowship. Almost 1700 missionaries, 760 MKs, and 220 MK staff all gathered together in Orlando, Florida for a few days of renewal and refocussing on the mission of AGWM. 

At the Calvary campus, ISMK had about 500 MKs between the ages of 0-12, plus almost 150 staff. Each age group had powerful times of worship, altar/prayer times, and lots of fun interaction with other MKs. More than a dozen MKs were filled with the Holy Spirit in the pre-teen program!

The 250 youth and 50 youth staff all went to a youth campground, Masterpiece Gardens. God did so many amazing things in their lives!  Here is what a youth parent said: 
“Thankful for the ISMK Team for their love and leadership of our young people at Missionary Kid Camp this year. “RISE” was one of the inspiring themes our Kids remembered and shared with us from their services.  Rise up and be the Christian that God called you to be. Rise up and take authority over things that hinder you from being the best you can be. Rise in your relationship with Christ and fulfill your potential in the Kingdom the the power of the Holy Spirit. Stay pure and rapture ready so you can Rise when the trumpet sounds!!”

Thanks to each of you that had a part in making this historic event so personal to each missionary family. You can read some of the testimonies in the email (below). We are receiving notes of thanks and testimonies almost every day. God is so faithful!

Many of you also donated funds towards the backpacks that we were able to give to each MK. They were so meaningful and well-received. Thanks for your generous donations!

“T19 was very powerful for all of us. “My oldest” is super excited about doing the discipleship program once it’s up and running. It was stretching for my middle daughter, but she was the first to say that she didn’t want to leave. They both were shy at first, but they enjoyed their tribe times. I wish there was more opportunities to be around other MKs, but this was such an incredible blessing. “My middle” loved the service/worship time at the pre teen group. We have already downloaded the worship list. We believe that T19 touched them, and believing that God will continue to take them to the next level with Him even in (country of service). Thank you so much for all the investment, prayers, and hard work. They absolutely loved all the older MK leaders and staff!! We are so blessed to have so many people loving and investing in our MKs!!”

“We picked up our 9 year old who said tonight (Wednesday) was good and bad. The good: he felt connected to God in a big way and that God was wanting to speak to him. The bad: he couldn’t stop crying! Love how much our MKs are invested in and loved on and given the opportunity to feel connected to God in corporate worship with so many other mks.”

“Our 12 year old son was baptized in the Holy Spirit! He was our last child to need this and I had been praying God would do it here. Praise Jesus! He is faithful with our children. Thankful for an MK staff that puts high value on Holy Spirit services.”

 STAFF MEMBER: “I also had so many powerful moments with my tribe and with other girls in my room too many to get into. But the added bonus I wasn’t expecting was how being an older MK played into my week. Most of the youth staff I’d been their chief at one point in time so it was a little weird going into the week and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I ended up getting to pour just as much into some of the young staff as I did into campers. Got a couple messages afterwards telling me how much it meant for me to listen to them and pray with them and talk through stuff. So encouraged. Heart SO full. Just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for letting me get to love on MKs. Look forward to finishing grad school so I can love on MKs full time instead of just little trips but each time I get to do this or a task force I just feel so blessed to be a part.”

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