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Ukrainian Ice Cream – Cristi Alexander

Ukrainian Ice Cream

This summer I led a team from the US to Ukraine for a missionary conference with families who are serving in the Middle East. We spent our days investing in MKs and part of our MK investment involved daily visits to the ice cream stand, naturally. The first day we showed up with our MKs I noticed the sweet ice cream girl spoke English well and we struck up a friendship. Throughout the week we ate a lot of ice cream so we had a lot of opportunities to talk. The last day I went to say goodbye to Kristina and as we chatted she asked if I was a teacher to all the kids I’d been bringing for ice cream. I said no, I was actually a pastor. She immediately hugged me as her eyes filled with tears and excitedly said, “I love God!” I told her God sees her and has an amazing plan for her and with the tears still streaming she responded, “Really? For me?” As we stood crying next to the ice cream stand I got to share about the Lord as He created a sweet moment for us together.

The next time you’re getting your scoop of chocolate on a waffle cone, look for the Holy Spirit to lead you, He may just have a Kristina waiting to hear the Good News from you.

Our team with MKs from Ukraine and the Middle East

Summer Snapshots

After Ukraine I led another team to Florida to work with MKs from Asia Pacific, followed by General Council. I love getting back to more in-person MK ministry! Sometimes MK ministry looks like silliness and snuggles with littles, late night card games with teens or attending an MK’s high school graduation. Whatever it looks like, I feel very grateful I get to be part of a ministry to these MKs!

Thank You

Thank you never seems adequate enough to express my gratitude for your prayers, finances and friendships. In such uncertain and challenging times, I know many are giving out of sacrifice and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for being part of my team and for investing in me and MKs around the globe!

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